Healthy Heart: New Blood Cholesterol Measure Explains Heart Disease

This first installment of the Healthy Heart animated series helps to introduce how and why new measures of remnant cholesterol can make point of care easier and potentially provide more information to detect early CVD risk.

New and emerging analysis of blood cholesterol measured in the fed-state (during the day) sheds more light on the risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). The new measure of Remnant Cholesterol (RC) made during the day provides detailed information about how the body metabolizes fats. High measures of RC can potentially identify individuals that are 'fat intolerant' and at a greater risk for CVD.

Healthy Heart: Remnant Cholesterol tackles Diabetes in Youth

The second installment of the Healthy Heart animated series expands on the idea that measures of remnant cholesterol may aid the early detection of CVD risk (especially in youth with unhealthy weight) and potentially curb the progression of Type-2 Diabetes.

Obesity and unhealthy weight continues to be a global health concern, particularly in younger adults and youth. Youth with obesity often have a trajectory that increases their susceptibility to develop type 2 diabetes (T2D) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in adulthood. Novel analysis of blood cholesterol measured in the fed-state (remnant cholesterol) in both youth with or without obesity suggests that it can be used as a clinical tool to identify early signs of CVD risk. A coordinated community-based approach to develop programs that can readily measure remnant cholesterol during the day is now needed in order to identify youth and young adults that may be at risk of early CVD.