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Emerging evidence supports a change in the way we measure and assess lipid and cholesterol levels to better predict heart health. While there is a lot we know about ‘good’ [HDL-C] and ‘bad’ [LDL-C] forms of cholesterol to assess heart health, it is also true that many individuals afflicted with heart disease have these measures within the normal range. We also know that the traditional measures of lipids have historically been taken during the ‘fasted state’, usually first thing in the morning. We are now learning that new measures of cholesterol (called ‘remnant cholesterol’) that can be calculated from samples taken during the day (non-fasted state), provide much more information about how well an individual can metabolize fats. Poor (high) measures of remnant cholesterol can indicate fat intolerance and a reduced ability to metabolize lipids and cholesterol, especially those fats being absorbed from the diet.
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